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Thoothukudi Means :Thoorthu (Dig) and Kudi (Drink) `Thoortha` means land reclaimed from sea while `Kudi` stands for settlement in Tamil language. Tuticorin name was given by Dutch during their rule in this city. Today this city is called Thoothukudi in Tamil.

The major harbour of Thoothukudi is well known as a pearl diving and fishing centre. Thoothukudi, one of the oldest sea ports in the world, was the seaport of the Pandyan kingdom after Korkai and later was taken over by the Portuguese in 1548, captured by the Dutch in 1658, and ceded to the British in 1825. The lighthouse built in 1842 marked the beginning of the history of Thoothukudi harbour development.

Tuticorin was established as a Municipality in 1866 with Roche Victoria as its first chairman. It attained the status of Corporation on August 5 2008 after 142 years.

Way to Reach Thoothukudi

The best way to reach the city by Airport, Train & Road

By Flight
  • Thoothukudi to Chennai
  • Departure 9.40am Thoothukudi, Arrival 11.00am Chennai(No Stop 1h 20m)
    Departure 3.00pm Thoothukudi, Arrival 4.30pm Chennai(No Stop 1h 30m)
  • Chennai to Thoothukudi
  • Departure 8.50am Chennai, Arrival 10.05am Thoothukudi(No Stop 1h 15m)
    Departure 1.50pm Chennai, Arrival 3.10pm Thoothukudi(No Stop 1h 15m)
  • By Road
    Connected by National Highways with Madurai and Tirunelveli and Ramnad(Four lane Highway)
By Train
  • 12694 PEARL CITY EXP Thoothukudi to Chennai Departure 8pm, Arrival 7.50am
    12693 PEARL CITY EXP Chennai to Thoothukudi Deoarture 7.30pm, Arrival 6.35am
  • 16130 TN MS LINK EXP Thoothukudi to Chennai Departure 7.50am, Arrival 8.35pm
    16129 TN MS LINK EXP Chennai to Thoothukudi Departure 8.15am, Arrival 8.30pm
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