Computer On Office Automation

Computer On Office Automation


Fundamentals of computer
Operating system
Word Processing (MS-Word)
Spread Sheet
Introduction to Business Administration
Data Processing (MS-Access)
Internet and E-mail

Lab Guidance
Practical Note Preparation

Course Duration : 3 months
Weekend classes also available

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December 2009 Question Paper - Computer On office automation

I. Fill in the blanks
1. Thermometer is an example for analog computer
2. CD-ROM is made up of a resin called polycarbonate
3. BACKP command is an external DOS command.
4. The keyboard shortcut for getting subscript attirbute is CTRL+equal sign
5. Mail merge option is available in tools menu
6. lower() function is used to convert text strings to lowercase
7. Salary paid will be debited in the account
8. import is a way to convert data from a different format and copy it into MS-ACCESS
9. Internet explorer is an example for web browser

II. Match the follwing

1. Memory unit

a. select entire worksheet
2. 8GB b. data type
3. LPT1 c. range
4. ':' operator d. store data
5. Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar e. message
6. Find f. port name
7. Posting g. Ctrl+F
8. Number h. storage capacity
9. E-mail i. entries in ledger

ans. 1-d, 2-h, 3-f, 4-c, 5-a, 6-g, 7-i, 8-b, 9-e

III. Choose the best answer
1. The period of Fourth Generation of computer is__________
a. 1946-55
b. 1966-75
c. 1976-85
d. 1956-65
2. Index hole is present in ____________
a. Hard disk
c. Floppy disk
3. The two wild card characters used in DOS are____________
a. * and $
b. ? and #
c. ! and *
d. * and ?
4. The top most bar in the application window is ____________
a. title bar
b. menu bar
c. status bar
d. tool bar
5. ___________ key is used to move cursor to the begining of a line
b. END
c. TAB
d. Left arrow
6. Absolutes referece is done by using_________ sign
a. *
b. &
c. $
d. :
7. A file is a collection of ____________
a. data
b. records
c. cells
d. worksheet
8. MS-Access tables will contain
a. records
b. fields
c. forms
d. queries
9. ____________ is used to connect PC and telephone line.
a. Protocol
c. Browser
d. Server

1. Versatility is one of the characteristics of computer TRUE
2. Plotters are used tin CAD application TRUE
3. REN is an external DOS command FALSE
4. XCOPY is same as copy command FALSE
5. Ctrl+X is pressed to undo the last action FALSE
6. In MS-Excel F4 is used to edit the active cell FALSE
7. Font option is available in tool menu FALSE
8. Ledger is divided into two groups TRUE
9. Auto number data typee files each record automatically with the same number FALSE
10. HTTP is used to transfer files. FALSE

V Write short answers for any 12 questions
1. Write the contribution of Charles Babbage>
2. Draw the block diagram of a digital computer
3. Write notes on OCR
4. Explain how information is written to and read from CDROM
5. Mention the function of FORMAT command
6. What is the use of files and buffers commands in system files?
7. What is the use of print preview ?
8. What is the use of mail merge?
9. Explain the user of page numbering.
10. What are the uses of LEFT() and FACT() function?
11. How will you add records in MS-Excel?
12. Write short notes on cell referencing.
13. What is book-keeping?
14. Write any six rules for transcation entry in real account.
15. Write the steps to print a form from the database window.
16. Mention the needs to modify a report.
17. Write notes on direct connection in internet.
18. What is domain name?

VI. Write answer in detail:
1. Explain the organisation, function and adavantages of hard disk.
Explain the different operating systems available.

2. Explain the options available in font dialog box.
Write the different shortcuts available to move around the worksheet using keyboard and mouse.

3. Write in detail about adding objects to records.
Write in detail about internet account and internet addressing.